Closing my First Deal Since Joining the Academy!

Closing my First Deal Since Joining the Academy!

Alright here goes my best description!!!

Since joining the academy and purchasing Deans books, my wife and i have committed to making this WORK! It has become a priority! We initially were slowed down due to lack of capital, but were able to locate a hard money lender to allow us to continue to pursue deals as we build our buyers list.

We have looked at a number of distressed properties and found one recently in a great area of town here in Maine with a FMV of approx. 125K. This was a forclosed property that we put an offer in at 80K. We finally received a response that the offer was countered at 86K and we responded with 82K and it was accepted.

We are extremely excited and plan to have this deal turn around very quickly as it needs minimal rehab and approximately 5K of fixups mainly cosmetic.

We hope it all works out and we'll update once we get the work done and re-sell!!! Thanks.


Luck is when Preparation crosses paths with Opportunity!

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