Running numbers for Possible First Deal

Running numbers for Possible First Deal

I made a goal that 2010 is going to be the year I succeed.
So I called my first seller today, a fsbo.I was really nervous.Now he has a 2 family for sale.
Asking $225,000
built 1918
sqft 1,482
Lot 4,499 sqft
now the estimates that got from deans site are.
Thats like a 35% discount
As I talked to him he said he has another property for sale that zoned for commecial/residential.When I looked at the property it sits in the middle of shops. It looks like it doesn't belong.The lot looks like a rectangle and the house is no bigger than 10ft by 10ft.
What will be a idea is to ask the buisness if they would like to buy the property so they have more room.

He is asking $190,000.He said he has plans that he wiil sell with property for $200,000

I would want do an assignment on this deal I don't have funding or a partner
I would like to lock both properties up.I'm still nervous .this is as far as I got since joining this site
I emailed a few buyers If they are still buying but haven't heard back yet.
I will appreciate and in sight


In order to Succeed your desire for Success should be greater than your Fear of Failure. Bill Cosby.
Some people dream of Success.... While others wake up and work hard at it
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