My first post, first deal and a leaky roof.

My first post, first deal and a leaky roof.

Hello DG family. Today I recieved two shocking but welcome phone calls, I had a real estate agent contact ME for partnering up after I called his automated number. I literally couldn't breath I told my boyfriend the good news after I composed myself, and had a stiff drink. lol

So I'm preparing a presentation for the agent when I interview him this wednesday, when all of a sudden I recieve an e-mail from COA solutions saying I've already got a message! I've only had the 800 number service for 48hours! Now THATS results.

Now the seller is 3 months behind, property is in a good location next to a grocery store, It's at most (according to her) worth $150K however her roof is leaking in her daughters bedroom (poor kid) and the estimate for repair is $3,700.

A no money down strategy is a must for me in my situation, but how should I address the leaking roof?

Thanks in advance.

"There are no obstacles except those we create for ourselves" -Bruce Lee



Where is this property located?


Lease / Option comes to mind right now as long as you have some buyer/tenants lined up.
Ok, so lets assume you have a tenant/ buyer in mind and their deposit could catch up back payments of the seller and fix the roof also.
What are the monthly payments on the house?
Can the seller walk away from the house if they accept your plan?

You really have the foundation here for a nice deal. No money out of pocket, you save the seller form foreclosure and make some money up front, in the middle and the end when you sell the house.....Jan

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