First motivated seller

First motivated seller

Got my first motivated seller but having trouble finding buyer what other thing can i do besides the normal.


Whats the deal??? Perhaps

Whats the deal???

Perhaps someone on here can get you a buyer


Can't help if we don't know anything about the deal.

The Deal is !!!

The deal is it's a duplex needing fixng up has equity in it (15- 20%) and my job keep's me paycheck to paycheck right now. Seller willing to let me get it under lease option for a good price but i need to work fast or someone else may get it . I would also like to either assign the property or sell it for a small profit to the right investor or family .

PM me and Jan the deal Just

PM me and Jan the deal

Just give the town, not address, price, type of home, etc

Maybe we can do something


Washington state or DC. Need more info than you are giving. Like Elix said, price, terms, is it occupied. Without info, we can't help you. Let's get moving....Jan

Do you already have the

Do you already have the property under contract? If so, then there are a few things you can do. This might be a good deal, I don't know if you want advice on finding a buyer or knowing if it is a good deal. Please explain.


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