Incredible Week! Can this Dog get a Bone?

Incredible Week! Can this Dog get a Bone?

What an incedible week it's been. On Tuesday of last week, I lost my 6 figure management position after 20 years with the company.
On Wednesday, I offically became a Real Estate Investor! My partner and I have been building the ground work for several months. (It all began with a late night infomercial in February of last year.) We set up a Website, got the 800 number, set up an LLC and then...we did nothing!

That's all changed now. On Sunday I met with a Realator that I met several months ago. He seems like "our kind of guy". He immediately informed me of deal on a beautiful REO property that just fell through the day before. Needless to say, we moved quickly. I took a look at the property and found a beautiful 2520 sq ft Model home that had been empty for almost 2 years. We put in the offer (and/or assigns), got POF from an awesome website, and got it locked up. I've notified every investor and have been marketing it ever since. I'M GETTING WORRIED! We need a buyer to come forward by Monday!
Please, can this Dog get a Bone? If any of you can help me, let me know. The link below has more info.

Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration. I hope that losing my job of 20 years will be the best thing to ever happen to me. If it weren't for Dean, his book(s), this site and all the positive mojo that you all provide, I'm not sure what I would do!




Keep your chin up and KEEP PUNCH'IN!

Break down the specs of the

Break down the specs of the house perhaps someone on here will be interested in assisting you

Specs on house

I checked out Greg's website. Here are the specs if anyone is interested. Located in Northern CA. A really nice home.

ON CONTRACT 5-3-10 $235,000
Cash Buyers ONLY - Close in 10 days
Ready to Rent and in A1 Condition
3 BR 2.5 BA 2520 Sq Ft
2005 Model Home with all upgrades
FMV is at $270,000
19 Renoir Ct, Oakley, CA 94561

Hey Greg...from your site it looks like you've already had a couple of sales. Way to go! Nothing like being booted out the door and into a new career to get your motivation slammed into high gear.

Let us know what happens with the house.



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Thanks for posting the specs. I wish I could move into this home myself! I would love it if "we" could find a buyer, this one fell into our laps.

Regarding the site, this is our first deal. (I partnered with another employee that got let go a few months before me) We've looked at several homes that would be great deals and posted them to site. Just trying to shake the Rookie Look and show that we're out there making it happen.

DG Rocks!

If you want more pictures, send me an email from my site.


Keep your chin up and KEEP PUNCH'IN!

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