Another Short Sale Approved-WHEW

Another Short Sale Approved-WHEW

Finally, we had been working on this particular short sale for quite a few months now and we received our approval letter this week.
We are working on the closing details. Our local title company handles all our closings in Missouri. Attorney owned, so they get them closed for us.
If anyone is working with JP Morgan Chase on a short sale, make sure you stay in contact with them all the time! They tend to misplace things, in our experience.

Have a wonderful day DG family.



Really Nice!

Hello Donna,
Chase is acctually our Primary Morgage holder and Boy are you right about that, they have a hard time sending us the right statment each month! So have you closed on any short sales?


Jay C

Way to Go!

Good work Donna!
Tell us about what you went through, a general step by step process, property specifics, what made you go for a short sale, etc.


Congrats Donna!

Much success on many, many more....

Peace and Blessings,


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shortsales suck


I will never give up on anything I do!!!

Hi Donna, Congratulations

Hi Donna, Congratulations on that approved shortsale. Next week, I am scheduled to start working on Short Sale to add a new path for my REI career. Do you know other methods to find leads aside from a realtor? Thank you. Blessings to all. LA


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Thank you!

Jay, yes they were very frustrating to work with. We have closed and cashed checks. Makes it worth all the effort. Rewarding to help the homeowners out.

Bruce, we have been doing short sales for about a year now. We try to close with a cash buyer at the other end but we have mortgage companies locally that understand what we do and will approve the loan as long as the house appraises for more than what we are reselling it for.
Homeowner owed 250k and some change. Shorted it for 135,082. We will resell for 153,5k. House is worth 200k. The paperwork is at our title company haven't gotten a close date yet. Should close next week.

LA, almost all our leads are from our realtors that we work with. We have also put out ads in our local paper offering our service to homeowners that need our help.

Thank you again everyone!!



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