Need Help with My First Deal

Need Help with My First Deal

I have a property under deposit, here in central, Connecticut, and I need help keeping the deal alive.

Here are the highlights:

HUD rehab property
under deposit at $66,000
needs approximately $27,200 on rehab
property has solid comps at $160,000

I have just over $15,000 cash in hand, and need one of the following:

a lender willing to work with a first-timer.
another investor with a lender relationship to joint venture with.
or some other way to keep this deal going.

Open to any and all suggestions!

Thanks for reading!!!!


Maybe we can help

Myself and my partner have a few investors in the CT area (Waterbury/New Haven and West haven) that is looking for great deals are you trying to buy and hold, or flip it. We are wholesaling properties as of right now maybe we can help PM more details on how flexible you are.



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Hi Steve

What are your plans for the property? If you're going to do a fix/flip, you could go to a hard money lender. Just make sure you have a solid exit strategy before taking that step.



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Hi I'm Adam

I live in Connecticut. I can get you hard money. Rates are 4 points and 12% interest. Your choice. If that doesn't work start talking to everyone one you know. You can raise 100,000 fast at 5,000 increments. Everyone is getting 1.5% interest at the bank. Offer more. You can also bundle all the money you borrow into 1 mortage. 10 people w/ 10,0000 all together makes 1 mortgage. If you need hard money give me a call 203-994-0708

Adam Negri


Hello Guys.
May be some one can help me and advise me.
I have read the books,and use the Foreclosure Alert
to find houses.The ones that I see are in pre-foreclosure
and foreclosure.I am unable to purchase them . What I need is help
qualifying and presenting them to the investors.


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