Deal #1 complete!!!

Deal #1 complete!!!

Well it's been 10 months since I picked up the first words from Dean Graziosi and it's been very fun and exciting, sometimes frustrating but an overall great experience so far! I am looking to take my REI as far as my potential will allow me to, and I have no end in sight.

Today after months of research, education, driving, 100's of phone calls and having made several offers on over a dozen properties this is where I stand:

1) I manage a rental property for a couple who moved out of state and neeed a manager - got the job through a real estate agent as a contact to the owners. This pays me $65/mo to keep an eye on the place and follow up with tenants.

2) Today I closed on a triplex in my hometown which will cash flow around $600/mo. This is a lease option, I borrowed 5000 to put down (to be taken seriously) and make only the mortgage payment for the couple on a 2 year option. And as it worked out I actually got $700 back at the closing table today!!! **Multi-units are the way to go if you ask me**

3) I have two other projects that I am working on at the moment, both are in different states (Colorado and Wyoming), so that would be a total of three states (Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas) I would be doing business in by the end of the summer! Not too bad I don't think.

4) I have teamed up with another investor who recently moved to my area from the great state of Arizona and we are planning several projects over the summer as well.

Bottom line is that I am excited and my company has been for months making me money and today my cash flow just got a good jump start with the closing on the triplex. I will be cash flowing about $700/mo for my corporation at the end of the monthly cycle. This is great and I love it! A big thanks to Dean and staff who have filled in the missing pieces for me and made this my future! Couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you all,

FOMAC Properties
Jeff McCaskey


Congrats Jeff

keep up the great work

Congrats Jeff!! that is

Congrats Jeff!! that is awsome. good luck on the other deals you are working on.

good job

Keep at it and your profits are bound to increase!. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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to you and making this happen cant wait to hear about the next one. i'm right behind you for now ! dale

Congrats Jeff!

Great work, and I love multi units and think they are the best also. You see it took you 10 months, but look at the contacts you have now, you will have 600 bucks a months cash flow, and things will only move faster from here on. Keep up the great work and congrats!



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Jeff, very inspirational for the rest of us newbies!

Keep up the good work!


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Thanks everyone

Hey it's really great to hear the support on here, my mom didn't even know the name of my company until today, even though I have been working on this for 10 months now (laughing). And I just talked to a guy in Denver who owned a house and he said that I would probably insult him with an offer - so I thought wow he must be pretty prissy to act like that, I was just asking some questions (well mostly letting him speak). Anyway thanks for the support and good cheer its really nice to know that other people understand the work it takes to forge this path.

Thanks again!

Jeff McCaskey


Hey I was reading everyone's posts here tonight and I was just wondering how you were doing with your investing. Would you care to tell me some about your journey through all of this, maybe where you came from in the begining and where you are today?

Thanks again Elix,


Congrats Jeff

Awesome, that's the way to go. Job well done.



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Congrats Jeff!

That is awesome, keep it up!

Hey, I see your last name is McCaskey, my grandfather was a McCaskey, could we be related. My brother is working on a family tree now.


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