Birmingham, AL...New Investor Program....LLC Blanket Loan!!!!

Birmingham, AL...New Investor Program....LLC Blanket Loan!!!!

Families Matter, LLC believes in providing quality structurally sound houses for home owners. Our investment approach is to provide our pre-screened tenant buyers a 100% renovated home in a safe neighborhood. Once the tenant buyer is placed in the house, we immediately start qualifying them for a mortgage with a qualified mortgage professional. You, the investor will receive a monthly cash flow along with the back-end cash out whenever the buyer qualifies for a loan.

We currently have a 3 house package that is collectively cash flowing at $2000 per month!!!!These are quality brick homes on quiet streets. You, the investor, can purchase these homes at 75%LTV. There are no repairs and the homes are in pristine condition.

We have partnered with a bank that will package these homes into one loan (blanket) in the name of your LLC. This bank is exclusive to us and for our home purchases only. If you don't have an LLC, we will help you create one. The best part about this loan is it will be in name of the LLC and it won't be on your personal credit!! We are selling these Birmingham packages to investors across the country. Hurry before this one is gone! There are minimal requirements but your rate will range between 6-7%.

Click on the link below below and listen to a testimonial from one of our investors from New Jersey. He recently bought a five house package from us. Also, fill in the information page with your contact information and we will contact you very shortly. More information about the 3 house package is located on the website.