Just Closed On Another Property

Just Closed On Another Property

Jill & I just closed on another property, this makes the 58th RE transaction. Jill found this one by searching realtor.com for very old listings. This was on for 366 days. She then cross-referenced it on the county web site to see there was also a probate on one spouse, & the family was 1200 miles away.
After viewing the property, we offered 41.5K cash,
Zillow value 69K. It's a 2bed/1.5bath/1car with 1268 sq
ft under central a/c. We will probably sell it for 55K.
These kind of deals never get old. Gary/Jill



Gary & Jill,

Thanks for sharing your technique. We just started our LLC and are looking to buy & hold multi's and flipping homes. We read your profile and we are planning on starting out similar to your beginnings. Much success to you both.


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

Great Congratulations!

You are on your 58th transaction!? How long did it take you to do your first deal? I am new to this life. Do you rent these homes, flip them or broker them?

Gary and Jill

congratulations yet again! how awesome. i'm trying to work up the courage to do my first deal. it's one of those things like "what if i actually get the deal?" crazy i know. Smiling my coach is really pushing me to get that buyers list longer, but i haven't had real good success with it. any suggestions? thanks.


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/45351/...
Fear equals:

GA Peach

We have been investing for the last 12 yrs.(Read our Bio for more info) We mainly flip the houses, but also do rentals & lease options. We are hoping to do assignments, so as not to use our own cash all the time.


We don't really have a buyers list either, but it is essential if you are just going to do assignments/bird-dogs. Remember, if you find a killer deal, it is not hard to find a buyer. Just lock up the property on contract for 30 to 45 days with a motivated seller & then start searching for that buyer. Any questions, just PM us. Gary/Jill

Gary and Jill

In your reply to Linda you said if you "find a killer deal" it is not hard to find a buyer. This might be silly but how do you know if it is a really killer deal? I found a house that was forclosed on, it is for sale for 50K and is valued for 250K. Part of me thinks it is a killer deal but then I fears that it is too good to be true. How do you find a buyer for that?

ga peach

how much is the repairs?
sounds like a good deal

here is how you find some buyers
i dont know if alot of people know about this going on youtube and typed in wholesaleing real estate and
everytype of rei you can think of and start emailing the people who put videos up and ask them if they are looking to buy and if yes what criteria

antoher way go on facebook, myspace, dg.com social networks start emailing and asking
facebook also has a lot of real estate clubs join and email the members
if you go to
yahoo seach type in groups.**** (and the same for google )
and put in your city and real estate clubs groups investor groups clubs etc.... join and start emailing folks put bandit signs up
i get a lot of people from flyers
this is what i do buy some blank copy paper the brightest color you can find
a sharpie magnum marker chiesel tip and write

we buy
(phone number)

as big as you can
hope that helps


Thank you that does help a lot. That house I was referring to, I only saw the outside. I had my kids and their cousins, the were tired of driving around. From the outside it did not look like it needed that much work. Some of the houses I watched were really bad.
But this is just the beginning Smiling thanks

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