I did all I can to keep this a no RE weekend to no avail

I had my son in the stroller walking around Bed-Stuy and what do I see;

A FSBO home

I took down the number and got a defensive earful from the owner;

"I been hearing from agents from the moment I put the sign up and all I have ever gotten was lowball offers and from all of them. Before I hung up on them, I got their personal info to make sure that if they called, they would get hung up again."

I quickly let her know I would present the full priced offer. Just so you're wondering its a 2 family brownstone where they're asking $799k in an area where the homes in comps are going for $995k. I immediately sent an e-mail to my normal steady investors and 5 of them were interested.

This led me to think about the amount of deals I presently have and how this keeps me busy and groceries.


Volume cont.

I always talk to my DG family,....yes family, and always am happy when they get a deal and get that 1st or 50th check.

What I also tell them that is do your best to get a bunch of deals in place, normally 5 or more at a time so tat when you present them to an investor(s), thry know up front you are The Truth and not just throwing stuff up against a wall to see what sticks; it's easy to find something wrong or not be interested in the one deal presented, but its so so so so so so hard to find fault with 3-10 you bring to their attention;

"Yeah I have a %$##......
I know about that already

"Ok I have a &^^$$....."
Um, let me think about it, anything else???

Yeah I have a ^%$#@,....and I have a &^%$#
Oh really I want to see those

"You sure you're not interested in the first one you saw??? I may be able to get a discount on it"
Yeah i'll take another look at it

Volume, volume,...volume...

Hit them with the bulk deals. What you want is them to be harassing you for deals and wanting to put money in your pockets

Hope it helps

I got my second wind so i'll be up all night no question

24/7 mentality

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