FOMAC closes second deal......

FOMAC closes second deal......

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to share some news with you. FOMAC Properties is my company. I live in a small Kansas town and it took me 10 months to close my first deal. I bought a tri-plex, awesome income property! That was back in June. Now it's July and I am closing tomorrow on a 5 apartment home. Yes that is one deal a month, my company goal! FOAMC slams the door on #2!!!! So now the gross income for the company is right at 4,000/mo and that is 2 months worth of work. Just working hard here and closing deals. Stackin Benji's and looking forward to a year from now when I can quit my job and be a full time investor, but yes I am a REI! I owe a big thanks to Mr. Dean Graziosi for writing is book "be a real estate millionaire". That was all the training I used to do what I am doing here. I have joined the success academy but have found the book more useful to myself up to this point as that really put all the pieces together for me and set me running into the investing world. I have no plans to ever stop or limit myself. I have two college degrees and had started a master’s degree only to pull out and put that on hold and in the mean time finding Dean. I'm not going back to school to finish my masters; I will never come close to making the money at any job that I will make as an investor. In a few years I will be a millionaire and I hope to raise a glass with Dean and say thanks in person for sharing his knowledge with all of us. I'm not looking back, never to return to my former life! And I am enjoying the ride! I have big plans and I will make it all happen. 2 deals down and yes it gets easier every day. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. So to the beginners out there who are getting started, close one deal and you will have all you need to take on the world, and if you have drive and determination you will get everything you set out to accomplish. Do it today and never look back! That's all for now, will post again next month with deal #3 - already in the works! Stackin em like planes at the airport from the air traffic control tower!

FOMAC (Jeff)



Thats great! When I was stationed out there in kansas(Ft.Riley) I loved that state. Great times, anyway Jeff sounds like your own your way thanks for your post very inspiring and if you ever in Northern California give me a holler. Maybe we can make some money together.

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Congrats on your ROCKIN deals. Keep the plans in focus. Continued Success in your investing...Jan


Great Job Jeff, cant wait too hear from you next month!!!!



Congrats on your 2nd you rock man!


Clarence E. Grooms

Good Job

We are happy for you Jeff.

Steve and Veronica

Way to Go

Congrats Jeff on your second deal. Job well done, all the best.



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Congratulations! I wish you continued success Smiling


Thanks everyone

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement! It's pretty awesome to have people on your side and make you smile. I hope to report more success in the very near future, good luck to everyone in all your deals! Rememer the year is only half over more or less, we can go out and rock the stage!

For sure!!!

For sure man, if I'm ever out in Northern Cali we will have to make some cash together. Let me know how your coming along, would love to hear about it!

FOMAC (Jeff)