I Just Purchased My First Property Using This Course!

I Just Purchased My First Property Using This Course!

Hi DG Family,

I just purchased my first property by using this course. I have decided to keep it instead of doing an assignment. I am actually going to move in it for 3 months while my house is being finished, refinance, then take money out to purchase another one. It happened in just a little over a month after joining this forum. I am getting many calls and e-mails about potential properties also.

Thanks DG Family for all or your encouragement and support. You're the best.

If anyone is interested in partnering for the Charlotte, NC area please let me know.

Yours in Success,




Congratulations! Well done. Heres hoping many more successes for you.
Would be helpful to others if you were to post the details.


Cathy B

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How did you buy it?


Just curious how you paid for this property. Private money, hard money, no money????????

Jason B


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thanks for sharing the excitement!!!



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It's so exciting to hear about your first deal, mainly because this first one will open the doors for so many to come. Press forward with everything you got and don't let up until your goals are smashed!

How exciting...

To purchase your first home. Please share more with us about how you did it!


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