Please Help

Please Help

The owner of the home is in Iraq.The home is listed at $400,000...I still have to find out a little more about repairs...I also found out that the homeowner is delinquent on his mortgage and owes $454,000.So is there anyway I can make this situation profitable for me?

This is also potentially my first deal


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I am new to the site, so pls take what I suggest 'with a grain of salt'.

It appears that the H/o is so up-side down wiht the mortgage, that all he really has left is to 'Short-Sale' his home! Can you handle doing a 'short-sale' for him? If so, that would be my recommendation.

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Happy Investing!

Great point...Scam didn't

Great point...Scam didn't cross my mind but now I'm thinking it might be