HELP-DUPLEX DEAL(99k) near Lake Tahoe)

HELP-DUPLEX DEAL(99k) near Lake Tahoe)

All buyers out there. After months of looking at properties all over northern ca., this one looks like the real deal. Started out at 245k, then the owner got desperate and now it is a short sale running out of time. I am willing to split the finders fee, just need a cash buyer quickly! PM me

Dream Home Properties LLC


More info

Need more information, like what are the comps, is this listed on MLS with a RE agent, is it a bank approved short sale, & if so, is there an approval letter in the file, when was Lis Pend. filed & what's owed on the property.

more info


Thank you for your questions. It's a short sale now, and is in a tourist town. I am waiting for more info from my agent, who is on his way to check it out.


Comps fo Duplex

gceriani; After an extensive look at comps in area the average is 155k. The duplex is a Victorian within walking distance of town & needs rewiring, some dry rot
repairs & the usual inside painting and face lift. If any one has any more ques. let me know. It is bank approved.
Andrew at Dreamhome Properties LLC


How much are repair costs? It sounds like it's price too high; there wouldn't be enough profit margin for repairs with cost over runs, time line with carrying costs, plus room for you, an investor & end buyer to make money.

Your right 20k is rehab

Your right 20k is rehab estimate. Looking at comps in area I found others that
need last rehab.