Chapter 8 - Get Your Deal Finalized and Make Some Money

Chapter 8 - Get Your Deal Finalized and Make Some Money

Chapter 8 also offers some awesome information.
Page 150 provides 5 tips that are most common actions steps after your offer has been accepted.
Page 155 has the "Investor Disclosure statement and Seller's Acknowledgement form".
Page 165 has great advice from Matt Larson and the best scenario possible when assigning contracts.
Be sure to review the action steps on page 171.

I believe Dean's book is packed with so much knowledge information and techniques, that each investor that reads it needs to make up their own "cliff note" summary for each chapter. Take the most useful information from each chapter and build your own personal "cliff note" book. As you learn, build your own reference book and watch your growth! Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling -Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA

Matt 25-1

I read the book a few times and a friend of mine is asking me where to find Matt's 25-1 formula and I can't remember what page it was on. Can you help me with that? Thanks



I got it and it's on page 138