Chapter 10 - Locate Buyers Right Around You

Chapter 10 - Locate Buyers Right Around You

It today's fast pace world, customer information and collecting data on your target market is key. The same approach is covered in Chapter 10 and the keys to finding buyers. The more buyers...the more deals and the more deals...the more profit!

Matt's $20,000 in profit in less than 2 hours using no money should be an inspiration for all investors. It shows you this does work, as long as you are playing hard and in the game to win!

I also like the ideas on page 211 that discuss ideas to make a house look its best. This is veyr helpful when selling and even renting a home. Be sure to review the action steps on pages 218-219.

Good luck on all your deals and finding those buyers. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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