Made My 1st Call

Made My 1st Call

I ordered the book a few days ago and finished reading it last night. I woke up and found an ad in the paper that says "I buy houses."

I took a shot and called him. It didn't work out far as me and him doing business but I made the move to call him.

He basically gave me his version of advice and said he has been doing this for a long time and I can't broker a deal for him.

I did manage to keep him on the phone for a few minutes and had the courage to call him.

I don't have enough confidence to go after anybody else right now. I just want the investors with cash.

I am looking for a realtor to maybe try the 25:1 method. I just wish I could sit down with somebody who has done all of this before because that how I learn and gain confidence best.

Good book though.



Thats great you made the 1st call and now you need to make more calls until you are comfortable with yourself. Things will get easier on you. Have you tried the Craigslist ? Good luck !!

Warm rgards,

Paul T. La Moy


Hi David,
Welcome aboard! Congrats on the first step to financial freedom! Your in great hands here. You just joined the greatest support system you can ever imagine. Here is where you can ask any questions you may have. Dean also offers the help of his Success Academy for a qicker start. Continued success......Lubertha



Thanks Paul and MyDestiny.

Thanks Paul and MyDestiny.

I did check craiglist out a little.

I need to find the prices for the Academy also.