New In Atlanta

New In Atlanta

Hello everyone,

Im new to this. I have no REI experience ever. Im a recovering open heart patient who has lacked self confidence for the past few years since my surgery. I saw the commercials and finally got the book and program. After reading the book, I was blown away at the information it contained.

Needless to say, I was excited and took action. I got my 800 number with my very own message and I just ordered 100 bandit signs and will have them placed out immediately. This was a major step for me. Normally it would have taken me nearly a year to move on something this major because of my low self esteem issues. So as a result, I usually miss out on a lot of opportunities in life.

Because I read deans book, I took action. That is the difference I notice this time around and Im excited at the "Real" possibilities in front of me. However, I am still nervous to this day and it has been about two weeks since i got deans book. So forgive me for venting a little!

Atlanta is a big market with several counties to choose from. Im a little nervous and scared at the same time if that makes any sense. So Im just hoping for the best.

I would appreciate any advice or help from anyone with experience and is willing to share as I make my journey down this unchartered path in my life.



you can do this. come here often and visit with us. welcome good luck and much success.



Congratulations on getting Dean's book and taking action. It sounds like you are off to a great start. I would recommend looking into a local real estate club to meet other investors in your area and expand your network of resources and contacts. Continue to update your real estate investing plan and work the plan. Refer back to Dean's book for additional tidbits of information and ideas. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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thanks for the support...

Thanks for the support Walt. It makes me feel good knowing that total strangers are pulling for me. I really am glad i ordered deans books and course. The family of support is unbelievable. I thank you guys with all my heart.


thanks for the support...

Thanks again Joe...
I havent found a good REI group to attend yet, but im still looking. I will keep you all posted as to my success as it comes my way.

much love to you all,


New In Atlanta - Update!!!

Hello everyone,
I have finally got things off and running with my REI career. As i stated in my previous post, I got my 800# and ordered 100 bandit signs. Well that turned out to be a blessing for me in it self. The guy i ordered the signs from needed a website developed and since that is my background for the past 15 years, we decided to do a barter. I developed a website for him in exchange for 200 bandit signs free of charge. Boy was I excited about this. Instead of 100 signs, I got 200 signs absolutely free. God is good! After waiting a few weeks for everything to transpire with the barter, I finally got my signs and i put out my first run of 25 signs targeting two subdivisions in my local area.

This is where i loose focus and need guidance. I have gotten about 8 calls on my 800 number and they all were hangups. No one called and listen to the message long enough to even get to my contact information at the end of the message. I dont know what to do to ensure that i get a good response rate. Is this normal for the amount of signs i put out my first time around? I plan on putting out more signs on thursday night. Dean recommends that you put your signs out thursday evening for the best result.

I dont know if my recording of the stop foreclosure script is up to par. Im wondering if I should modify it or let it stay as is for a little while longer? I would love for someone with experience to listen to it and give me your honest feedback. If you would be interested in doing so, please let me know and i will get you the number.

My other question is, what should i do in the mean time while the AFF sorts, sifts and screens the calls for me?

Atlanta is so saturated with bandit signs, i think my signs are getting lost in the shuffle of which one to call. I am seriously considering looking into another area to market.


I dont want to get discouraged and loose hope. Any advise would be helpful...

thanks for all your feedback.