Where should I begin???

Where should I begin???

I can honestly say that I REALLY REALLY need help! I have read both of Dean's wonderful books and I really feel in my heart that I can do it. My main objective right now, is my lack of money. However, I know many people have this problem.

I'm currently a stay at home mom, with 4 young children, my husband is a truck driver and is away weeks at a time.

My husband thinks since we are in so much DEBT already, that I should start by becoming a real estate agent FIRST and then once I get some money, start investing. However, I think I can do it, I just don't know where to begin. I will be looking into local real estate clubs nearby. I know I NEED more support that's why I'm here. I love reading all the positive stories, they really inspire me!

I was wondering if assignments would be good place for me to start??? Still I NEED HELP.................


Better Yet--Bird Dog

Kamaria, You took the first step by putting up your post to ask for help. I see you have 4 great kids at home, hmmm, time is at a premium for you. There are so many ways to start. Let me suggest bird dogging to you, but you will need to find the REI club close to you so you can start networking. Also consider craigslist for your area to place an ad advertising your services. What it involves is finding a buyer, find out what they are looking for, get their price range down, take some videos of the house, plus a walk thru and let your buyer know you have a prop that they might like all for a fee. My first 2 deals were bird dogs and I made $1,000.00 for about 2 days work. Not a bad hourly rate!!!. Try this one on and see what you think. I am always here to help, and my partner Jeremy would jump in and help also. Let me know your thoughts...Jan

thats great...

That's great to have support from your husband because he can probably help you on your way to being a real estate investor...

He's whatt you do

1)Build a buyers list
Here are some ways you can do that: rei club and as the head of the club who are the serious buyers then introduce yourself to them and jot down there info.....post adds on criagslist and websites a like saying your look for investoer that wants to buy property.... look in the news paper for ads that say we buy property and look for signs in your area stating the same thing...

2) look for a broker and real estate agent send emails to as many as possible using the scipts dean gave you...

3) make a flyer stating you house and can't help fix mortgage problems ...so you can hand out post around your target neighborhood...you can also use that info to attract seller on criaglist

4) once you have a seller and he or she accept your offer lock up the property

5) shop that house to your buyer list

Things that can help you become a stronger investor.....
Business cards.... build a website dean gives you a free one on this site... I used weebly.com ...check out my site by the way( teinvestments.weebly.com ) get a 24hr v mail people can call.. I use an old pre pay phone...
Yard signs.... if you have any questions feel free to ask..

Oh quick question what state do you live in....


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


Thank You soooo much for your suggestions and help! I will be in touch and be on here for continued support! I want to be successful so bad and I know it won't be easy since I already have a lot of responsibility on my hands, but I know I CAN DO IT! I look forward to all the support and encouragement I can get! Any other suggestions or tips you can offer will be well received and greatly appreciated. Now I gotta find these REI Clubs and network.... Should I look in my local newspaper or just search online for the local clubs??


I live in Detroit, MI.......

your welcome

Trying going to reiclub.com to find a. Club.... he's one rule I leave by don't stop moving forward even if its a buch of small step they will add up evently to = one big step.... so keep moving forward...never let mild stepping stones stop you instead take a step back look at the issue then find creative ways to solve them... never panic never give up and you will never fail.... I wish you the best with your new venture


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail

to encourage you

Ramlah, Just wanted to agree with earlier posts regarding finding an REIclub. The one I found has a large regional monthly meeting and then smaller weekly and monthly sub-groups and classes. It's been great being around like-minded people....Who knew there were all these other people out there, encouraging and building each other up? It's a whole other community I never knew existed. I understand you may be covered up with the little ones.(I had my first 3 in less than 3 1/2 years, then waited 14 years and had one more -what was I thinkin'?) Get a sitter and treat yourself to a meeting or two...
I'm very new and am still trying to get my first deal together. I highly encourage surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded, successful people. Before long, you'll find yourself starting to feel like "one of them".
Good luck and much success. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing of your journey. All the best, Kara

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to Everyone for all the wonderful suggestions, tips and help.


Elias Gilchrist wrote:

Trying going to reiclub.com to find a. Club....

Thanks for sharing this website,

your welcome

All I ask is for you to past on the gift of knowledge to your fellow investor.


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


Congratulations on reading Dean's books and being part of the DG website. You are taking the right course of action. It appears as though you received some excellent advice from other DG members already. I would offer to learn as much as you can about real estate and this will prpeare you for your future. Try to find the best deals with the largest profit margins. Then the deals can be more easily assigned to a buyer or a partner may have more intrest due to the attractiveness of the deal. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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bird dogging

Hi Jan

I am a real newbie and I too am interested in starting with bird dogging.
If I could pick your brain for some info I would greatly appreciate it.
Who sets the fee you make for bird dogging? What contracts do you use?

Thanks in advance

Best advice a new REI can ever get

Elias Gilchrist wrote:

he's one rule I leave by don't stop moving forward even if its a buch of small step they will add up evently to = one big step.... so keep moving forward...never let mild stepping stones stop you instead take a step back look at the issue then find creative ways to solve them... never panic never give up and you will never fail....

Elias, I was so glad to read your post. Dean has said similar things many times in his books and on his shows. However, it's so much more effective to read it from another new investor. I know for a FACT that I can become a successful REI. However, my biggest problem is procrastination.

I was extremely excited and motivated when I finished Dean's books. I bought an 800# and a domain name, then I didn't do anything with it. I have alot of info and think I know WHAT to do, but I just can't seem to do anything at all. I think I'm looking too much at the big picture and should probably take everything one step at a time.

What was your very first step in getting started? Maybe, I can just start there. Any advice?

First in for most I would

First in for most I would like to apologize for my typo I don't prof read my work...(we all have flaws) I had that problem also I was my own road block....

First think I did was look at my life to see how much I achived living the life style that I was start to question and I realize that I was in the same position as I was six years ago... so I deiceded in order to up root myself from this cycle I would have to completely change my life style... from being lazy unorganize unfocus and the list goes on....
Because if I didn't I wouldn't amount to anything...

So what I didn't help me change was do the exact opposite of what I would normaly do for instant I would come home and take my clothes of and throw them in the corner everytime I did that I thought to myself that some I alway do so I would go and hang them up( after a few minutes of convincing my self to get up) it took a while but before I new it I started a new habbit(hanging my clothes up) I challenge my self on almost everything...I suggest you do the same

I also use my todo list in my phone to keep track of every little thing I need to do and when I ever I had free time I would look thru my phone and try to complete at least one task....

I left myself with 2 options 1 continue to live that life style and amount to nothing or change my life style and concur everything I set my mind to....

I hope this helps


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail

Bird Dogging

Can you bird dog and be an agent at the same time?? I'm just thinking about what I can do that allows me to best utilize my time, my schedule is gonna be hectic, but I know it's so worth it!!! Or would it be best to just bird dog?

Where to start?

Hi everyone,

I definitely need some help as well. Currently I have no job, despite having a college degree, have bills to pay, including a personal line of credit; plus I will have student loans that will go into repayment status starting in December and January.

I bought Dean's book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" back in March and I still had college to finish, so I didn't have much time to look it over. I then received a call from a representative, and he said that I needed to make a down payment on a loan that I would receive to get the business started. I thought you didn't need to have any money to start this?

Like many people, I don't have a job right now in a very difficult economic time and I'm nearly broke. Is there something that I can do to get out of this hole I'm in?

Just last week I picked up the book and started reading it. It has really caught my interest and curiosity, although I have to say that I'm a little skeptical as well. I just want to get ahead in life and free myself from all this worry and doubt that I feel every day. Could someone please give me some advice based on my situation? Thanks so much.

Take care,

First things first... the

First things first... the people that called you are from deans academy and they are there for people how need some extra help...or that extra push in addition to making thing easier....I don't have the money for it either so I had to took the long and hard way.... well its not really long in hard but what I mean is I'm out there searching for houses then I'm on the computer finding out there worth... I'm finding ways to market myself to buyers self and investors... and I mush say it feels good everytime I get closer to my dream... so don't worry about the people that called you and the money they asked for I believe you can do it yourself....

Step 1) finish both books they will help you a lot
Step 2) make it your job to come to this site atleast once a day to read up on anything that about rei
Step 3) if you haven't started, start following the instructions in both books
Step 4) join RE club

Those are the steps I suggest you take to get start and if you have any other question feel free to ask


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail

How in Heaven do I Start??

Hi I read Deans book " Profit from reaestate right now, and im having touble starting. I went looking for a rea estate agent and expressed my ideas from deans book to some of them and they thought I didnt know what I was talking about. I had know luck finding an agent.
My questions are: should I find a good deal first, then find an agent?
And also, I dont have any money to pay a lawyer for contract consultation. How can I find a lawyer when I cant pay him up front?and do I have to pay him up front?
How can I lock up a deal on contract when agents wont even agree to work with me?
Please, if someone is reading my statements, I NEED HELP!

REI Club

I posted an add for the REI club, but no one get back to me, what should I do?

My Situation

I have absolutley nothing. I have no car. If a seller sees that I dont have a car theyll think im not a good real estate investor becuase I cant afford a car. I dont own a camera or a video camera so how am I gonna post a picture?

On Bird Dogging

I think that this is a great strategy and I am starting to learn about it now. I am wondering if anybody has any suggesstions on first steps in getting started with this strategy. Any thoughts?


It's not what we get, but who we become and what we contribute that gives true meaning to our lives.

bird dogging

It is just as simple as finding a good deal for an investor, telling him about it, and getting paid a small fee $500-$1000. You can find these investors by calling those we ads that say "we buy houses" or those listed in the paper.

What I would say to those struggling in the early stages of REI is to find a local mentor. I have found one myself and it has been a great help and boost of confidence. Start networking and find one that's genuine and is willing to help. Tell him/her that you would roam the streets looking for deals and bring it to them if they can train you in the process.

Just keep working at it because someone who is persistent will never lose. The last thing that I would recommend is to start using self help books to build your confidence. The one book that I would recommend and I think it is the recipe book to being successful is, "Keys to Success" by Napoleon Hill.

Good luck!




We Buy Houses

Any thoughts on where to find the ads that say WE BUY HOUSES?


It's not what we get, but who we become and what we contribute that gives true meaning to our lives.

Bird Dogging Sounds great to me how to start????

I just finished reading deans' books i was more interested in bird dogging i just need help to get on my feet and how i can get started basically, or a how to.. i am all ears to whoever can motivate and help me to sucess.


Online Affiliate tool that help you on internet business

I am also....

See there is only one thing that really intimidates me to even get started is well.... my age i am only 19 and i feel like no one will take me serious is that weird?


Online Affiliate tool that help you on internet business

google we buy houses in your

google we buy houses in your state. You can also look on CL and Backpage.com for buyers.

Do the basics first, build

Do the basics first, build your buyers list so you have a good amount of buyers to bird dog for or wholesale to. Then find the properties that fit your buyers criteria.
good luck