Having Your Own 8000 Number

Having Your Own 8000 Number

Nothing is worse than having a 800 number that a prespective client calls and have the mesage box full Check your box at least three times a day.I dont know how many calls people miss when a client call onkly to get a recording saying to call back later because there is no room in the box.


800# inbox full

Hi Bill,

That's good advice to check the box three times a day b/c you never want to lose any business.

However, a full inbox means that you must be doing something right in order to have that many calls. You're marketing strategy must be excellent.

So, while you might want to kick yourself for missing potential business, pat yourself on the back for your marketing genius.


hello bill...

WOW!!! that is a great problem to have!
I use a 800# also and i have only gotten about 8 calls over a weeks time frame. I would love to know what you are doing to get that many calls. I would say great job.


800# inbox full

Once you set up your 800# how long before you started getting calls?


Can someone help walk me thru to setup the 800# please. Thanks

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