New In Atlanta - Update!!!

New In Atlanta - Update!!!

Hello Everyone,

I have finally got things off and running with my REI career. As i stated in my previous post, I got my 800# and ordered 100 bandit signs. Well that turned out to be a blessing for me in it self. The guy i ordered the signs from needed a website developed and since that is my background for the past 15 years, we decided to do a barter. I developed a website for him in exchange for 200 bandit signs free of charge. Boy was I excited about this. Instead of 100 signs, I got 200 signs absolutely free. God is good! After waiting a few weeks for everything to transpire with the barter, I finally got my signs and i put out my first run of 25 signs targeting two subdivisions in my local area.

This is where i loose focus and need guidance. I have gotten about 8 calls on my 800 number and they all were hangups. No one called and listen to the message long enough to even get to my contact information at the end of the message. I dont know what to do to ensure that i get a good response rate. Is this normal for the amount of signs i put out my first time around? I plan on putting out more signs on thursday night. Dean recommends that you put your signs out thursday evening for the best result.

I dont know if my recording of the stop foreclosure script is up to par. Im wondering if I should modify it or let it stay as is for a little while longer? I would love for someone with experience to listen to it and give me your honest feedback. If you would be interested in doing so, please let me know and i will get you the number.

My other question is, what should i do in the mean time while the AFF sorts, sifts and screens the calls for me?

Atlanta is so saturated with bandit signs on every corner, i think my signs are getting lost in the shuffle of which one to call. I am seriously considering looking into another area to market.


I dont want to get discouraged and loose hope. Any advise would be helpful...

thanks for all your feedback.



Hi Donnell

Hi donnell! My name is james I also live in atlanta. You are right my friend bandit signs are a dime a dozen on our streets. I'm getting started myself so All I can say is stick with it man. You are already leaps and bounds ahead of me. I'm looking to get an 800 number also. I do remember reading in deans book that when you get an 800 number you get lots of extensions with it. So my advice is don't change the one you have let it go for awhile and see what happens. If with the service you have you do have extra extensions, then try several recordings at once and see which one gets the best response. All I can say is that your recording seems to be doing the job, its saving you time, because obviously they were not interested or they would have contacted you. So stick with it man. I notice also that yes we have a lot of bandit signs but they usually dont last long. When I drive down the street a week later all of the signs are gone. When i get my signs made that when i'm going to put mine up. I wish i could help man, but like I said, I just finished the book and now i'm jumping head first into this so good luck!


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Hi guys! I live in the Atlanta area too. I hope all is going well. I have both books and am just getting started myself. Maybe we can update each other from time to time. See U at the top!


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Hi Guys,

I actually live in Macon, Ga about 1 1/2 hours away. I have experienced the hang-ups with my 800 number as well. Though I think it helps when you have the words "pre-recorded info" on your sign, it lets the prospects know that they will reach a recording. Those that are interested will listen and contact you, while those that are not will hang up. Also, other investors may call to check out the competition and they are hanging up as well. So Donnell don't get discouraged about that, just know that your signs are being noticed and that's a great thing. There are many who have prospered and are continuing to prosper in real estate, and soon you will too, just don't give up!!! Be blessed.

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Alternative 800# Service Providers

Hello Friends,

I am at home in the Bay Area.I think its awesome that you guys offered helpful, encouraging words to a your fellow man in need of advice.I was on this site a few weeks ago,in one of the forums about the 800# and a lot of people where seeming to be having issues with their service providers. A few others where suggested:

People where suggesting that you make short,to the point messages.I think leaving your contact info somewhere in the beginning of the message could be a good idea because people may not be in the mood to listen to long messages.If you let them know what you could do for them(a call to action,you know like the headlines from Dean's book, or the one you used to get them to call you in the first place) almost immediately and then hitting them with your contact info could work.Then you let them decide if they want to listen to the rest of the recorded message.They'll have your info,but that may not help with the screening process.Its just a thought.I just finish reading "Profit From Real Estate Right Now",but I haven't got a 800# yet.I'm just giving you some of my idea and the thing I've read on this site.Here is the link to the forum I mentioned:

I hope this helps you all.

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"I've learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed."Booker T. Washington

800 #'s

I went to get my 800 # set up. Actually checked out the web site in Deans PFRERN Book. The site that came up did not sound the same as the several different extension's refered to. I searched several other Toll free phone services and have not found any that give several different extensions yet. Has anyone set up 800 or 866 service they can record various messages on yet? I have found several that cost about $10 month, with additional per minute rate if go over the plan minuets. Please let me know as I am ready to have other than my home phone for them to call. Thanks; Layman T. Scott President of Scott Housing & Rentals,LLC


I use Dean's COA for the 888# I have (I got it thru the AFF program), I get charged a flat fee of $29.95. So many extensions I could spend more time setting up everything. Each time I add an extension I change the initial greeting. I have 2 "mailboxes" setup for taking info, 1 for buyers and 1 for sellers. I may break that out to more but am undecided. I modified the scripts to ask them to leave contact information AND (to try and stop hangups) I uses the same options AFTER the initial greeting pointing them to the free info.

Just what I do, hope it gives you another idea