Real Estate Investing with no money? + Introduction

Real Estate Investing with no money? + Introduction

Hi everyone, I just got this book in the mail a couple days ago and i'm on chapter 3.

So far it's been very inspiring and motivational, to help fuel the fire i've sparked.

However, I keep hearing the mention of making profit with little or no money of your own.

Well I fall into the second category. I'm 20 years old, and I will stop at nothing to do something beneficial and progressive for my life and the lives of my loved ones.

As grand a time as I could make it, going to college for years, becoming tens of thousands of dollars in debt, then maybe someday be able to spur my financial dreams, I didn't come across Dean's book for a life like that. Also the idea of working 40+ hours a week at near minimum wage, doesn't cut it either.

Everyone here decided they want something beyond the norm, and i'm dedicating myself to making that happen because I know how much it could open up the possibilities of my life, and the lives of my family and friends.

I have absolutely NO money right now. I live at home, and I don't "do nothing," I exercise and have goals I meet with that. I have hobbies like nature and writing, I pet my pets. Where I live it's been said the ratio of applicants to jobs is 16:1. I've applied at several places, and will continue, but EVEN if I get a part-time or full-time job making minimum wage, can I really live like that forever? Helllll no. As much as I love my family i'm BOOMING to get out of here and make my life. Not leech of their free ride forever!! Infact if I could i'd pay them back for all the food and clothes and everything else they've given me. But can that happen with a $6/hr job, and then could I still pay for college? And let's say I do get thru college, in 4 years or so I might make $60,000 / year IF i'm clever, and lucky?

Sure the best things in life are free. But I want all that and then some, you know? : )

It's true we cannot eat or drink money, but it's also true that I can't buy a plane ticket to go on vacation in New Zealand with eggplants or mint leaves from my garden!!!!

So it's a fact we need to make money, of course, and I am very glad to introduce myself to a community of people with similar goals.

My dad is 57 years old and he works 12 hours a day to support us. If I could i'd pay him back so much for that alone. Can I buy my parents a vacation saving up money from part time labor, while still affording a car, insurance, college, and trying to live some kind of life? I wouldn't want to find out... because studying this book seems to inspire possibility, and thank you Dean for daring us to dream.

So, i'm gonna keep reading the book of course, but how could one really do this with no money? I keep an open mind because I do not have 20+ years of success in this field. I don't have any experience. Although profits have always been interesting to me. Eye-wink

While i'm reading and learning more on this it'd be great to hear someone's experience or ideas on how to be successful ...starting with literally NO money of my own. I might be able to sway my parents to help with some things, but for practical analysis, i'm just a guy with an empty wallet and unwaivering intent that drives me to make something more of my life! Smiling No money (yet;]), just priceless ambition and gratitude. What can I get with that??? How?

Well, thanks for your time and make a good day.


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You're in the same boat that I am in I have around $38,000 in student loans and have very little money to get going in Real Estate Investing. But the best route to take is
1.Build your buyers/investors list. By using Craigslist, going to REI clubs in your area, etc
2.Find the properties that are discounted massive %'s off FMV
3.Find a Real Estate Agent that is willing to work with a New Investor

Once you read the book it will all make sense.



Never Give Up On Your Dreams


thanks bud, all the best to you.