Hello Everyone,
I wanted to see if someone could help me out when it comes to auctions. This would be my first deal and I really want to get it right!

I have an uncle who is selling a house. His agent so far has not been able to do it. My uncle is definitely not interested in a Lease Option.

However, He is letting me see the house this coming weekend and I am thinking about pitching him an offer of letting me have it on contract for 30 days with the option to hold an auction within those 30 days. (Im thinking starting procedures like day 22)

He told me the price he wants is 87k. He is not really willing to budge on that price.

I am willing to take a contract on it for 80-85k if he lets me.

Lets say he takes the 85k offer. What I plan to do is to start bidding at 75k. Anything made after 85k I want to keep for myself.

However, I noticed in deans book it says you have to set an ARRANGED PRICE between the seller and yourself when it comes to the auctions.

Can I make my ARRANGED PRICE or fee to be whatever is made after his 85k.

I dont care if I only make 2k off the deal, thats some starter cash right there!

Here is the listing, any ideas, comments, suggestions, would be helpful.

Shane Weller
Weller, Brown & Associates


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