Anyone have a great working relationship with a realtor using Matt's 25:1 strategy?

Anyone have a great working relationship with a realtor using Matt's 25:1 strategy?

Hi to all!

I have found 2 great realtors in 2 different states. Smiling I feel so blessed!

I would like to ask those of you that have found your dream realtor:
1. What exactly do you have them do for you?
2. What exactly do you do?
3. How do you compensate your realtor when you bring him/her in on the deals you find?
4. What might be some extra bonuses you give to them when you've ramped up to full speed?
5. Should I try to negotiate a lower percentage because I will be buying at least 3 properties through him/her each month to start?

I know what Matt says his agent does for him in the book, and I know what he says he does. But I have found posts throughout this forum of people saying that they get their realtors to do other great things for them, but they do not specify what these things are(these are from very old posts- over 2 yrs ago).

I believe Dean said he gives his agent 1% when bringing them in on deals his agent did not find. - am I remembering this right?

I have yet to find exactly how much of a bonus you give to your kick-butt agent when you get the momentum going! -and how often these bonuses are given.

If my agents are as great as I feel they can be - I want to make sure they are happy and properly compensated!

Thank you in advance for your replies!

I am so excited about this! It is going to work... I KNOW it!!! Smiling

I finished 2 of Dean's books about 4 weeks ago and I have been soaking up information from this forum for 3 weeks now, keeping pretty quiet. I have learned so much from everyone! Thank you!

I hope to be giving back very soon once I have some experiences to share!

Love you all!! Eye-wink



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agent's commission

Basically from what I have been reading on here the agent gets paid a commission from the seller at closing because a percentage goes to the realtors, half to the sellers agent and half to the agent acting on behalf of you
As far as I remember yes Dean did say he gives his agent 1%. Most on here said it's typically 6% commission being split between the two agents but I know that our neighbors agent has asked them for 10% to sell thier house.
Your realtor basically makes offers on properties you're interested in and finds properties for you, but they can also get comps for you and sometimes they can even tell you what damage the property may have and roughly what it may cost to repair it. We had a realtor a few years back when we were looking to move and that's what she did for us. I think the bonus will probably be more on a personal level of how much your agent has helped you

Great to hear !!

I recently found a great agent and am excited at all the possibilities now available !!

Good going -- keep it up .

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