Landscaping Properties for Money...

Landscaping Properties for Money...

I found this article on Yahoo Real Estate that was written by By Tonya Hillukka.
I hope you enjoy it.
If you are debating whether to do your own landscaping or hire a professional, remember that a skilled landscaper is familiar with plants and will consider how they relate to their environment in each project. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional landscaper instead of choosing plants yourself.
1. They know how mature plants will look year-round.
A landscaper will be familiar with the structure of a plant and how it will look throughout the year. You might not know until the plant grows and you've had a chance to see it during each season. Certain plants only bloom for a small part of the year, and some plants do not grow well at all in certain regions. How will it look in respect to the rest of your landscaping when it is and is not blooming? If you are looking for flowers that bloom almost year-round, a professional landscaper will know the best choices, such as shade gardenias, geraniums, begonia, bougainvillea, and impatiens. By hiring a professional, you won't have to spend extensive time researching which plants might be right for your yard.
2. They will consider size and scale when planning your landscape layout.
Before buying plants and other decorative items for your yard, a professional landscaper will spend the time envisioning how they will look when fully grown. That little shrub might look great next to your house right now, but how will it look when it gets bigger? Professionals know to consider each plant's size, shape, and structure before rooting it in the ground, as well as before choosing containers. They will think about balance and scale when planning your landscape design. They'll know that smaller plants look better close to the house and near the door, while larger ones should be planted farther away. They will also avoid a busy look by selecting a few larger, well-placed annuals over lots of smaller containers.
3. They are expert plant shoppers.
When you visit a nursery, you will likely see all the plants in bloom and might be tempted, but making impulsive decisions can be a costly mistake. This is not a concern with professionals. They will shop with intention and choose the right plants for your yard by factoring in a few key points: the mature size, color, shape, and structure of the plant; the best plants for your local climate; and the way they will look during various times of the year. They will also know where to shop and might even get a discount at some nurseries.

I found this article to be very interesting as I look at simple things that I can do for properties that I am working on. Many times, those finishing touches that a good real estate agent can put on a property can be the “make-it/break-it” differences to make a good deal, turn into a great deal.




This is a great article.
Allow me to put in my 2 cents and say it's well worth your time, and the price to not only have some curb appeal added to your properties, but to have a professional do it. Take it from someone who has tried doing the landscaping himself. I now have a great landscaping company on my power team, that when I'm doing a buy, fix and flip I have him on the job just like every other contractor.
A little green to the landscape, can add green to your pocket.

Thanks for the article.

Thanks for the feedback

I appreciate the feedback.
I am always looking for ways to make properties look better to be able to sell the property for more profit, or just to be able to sell the property a bit quicker. Nobody is going to complain about a little extra "Green" in the pocket either. Since I read your reply, I have been looking to get a good landscaper on my power team and will use them all the time on any deal that I do. Thanks again! And your advice is worth much more than just 2 cents.
Happy Investing.

Matt W.


Hi to both you coaches you are so very right, Iam a Landscaper( now an investor) as well and been around it for probly 30 years and was in business for 15 years and there is a big difference when a Pro does it unless your are very good at it on your own and thats not likely for most people, thank you for sharing, many thanks, Jim



You are totally right.

Not only do professional Landscapers do an amazing job at getting properties in condition where they can have better curb appeal, and to possibly help it sell quicker, and sell for more. But many time can save you time because they can get the job done quicker as well. Much of being a successful investor is about become better, faster, and more efficient. Getting that property back on the market as fast as possible is going to make all the difference in the world. Thanks again for your input. I love this forum that allows us to be able to learn together, grow together, and ultimately bring this country out of this recession together.
Thanks again.

Happy Investing.


Good Landscaping?

I found a great property this week end and the curb appeal was sad with all the over grown shrubs, long grass and shaggy trees.
I appreciate the comments already that have talked about professional landscapers coming in and doing what they do best. I totally agree to get a good landscaper on your team. One mistake that I made several years ago was putting too much money into a landscape and then found out that the new owners pulled most everything out and put in what they liked. Lesson Learned: don’t spend a lot of money on landscaping; just do enough to make it green, pruned and neat. Curb Appeal is the first impression a buyer gets, before they decide to walk inside.
Happy Investing.


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Mr. Mitchell couldn't be more correct!

First impressions are the most important part to getting deals done.
Great first impressions,,,,,,,, for example properties with great curb appeal will get people to stop. Will get people to look, and will create so much more interest in properties. So many people out there (Especially Retail Buyers) won't even stop to give your property a second look if it doesn't have that appeal. Retail Buyers tend to be more choosy,,,,, Let's just call it what it is... They are more "PICKY" and many of these buyers can't see past the weeds, dead grass, or overgrown bushes to see the potential of the houses. It's also just as amazing to see that so much can be done to increase the curb appeal of a property with a surprisingly small amount of work.
Try it!
Surprise yourself!
And get more buyers interested in your property!

Happy Investing!

Matt W.

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