Newer Homes Benefited by Building Code & Construction Improvements

Newer Homes Benefited by Building Code & Construction Improvements

Since building codes are always being improved upon, homes that are newly constructed have the benefit of being built during the most recently adopted version of the building code.

Some examples of updated building codes would be; improvements in the framing of a house based upon "seismic design" criteria. In other words, houses are built to withstand earthquakes better now thru the gathering and evaluation of data involving structures damaged in earthquakes.

Also, by evaluating climatic conditions regularly such as wind and snow patterns; building codes are revised so homes can be built to withstand more severe weather conditions.

Consider floor framing for example. It’s rare to see in (new) home construction the use of (solid fir) floor joists. Instead builders usually now install a "silent flooring" system.

The joists are manufactured with a structural wood panel which is then sandwiched on the top and bottom edges by laminated wood members.

The advantage of this "I-Beam" type construction is a uniformly flat floor which is structurally sound that doesn’t "creek" when installed properly.


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Thanks for the information. It is alwasy a great idea to make some improvements and get things up to code when possible. This can eliminate some ehadaches later down the road. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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yes robert these new flooring systems are the best.i have used them and agree they r silent and easy to install BUT expensive!! although u do save in labor as they are further apart due to carrying a stronger load!! thanks for the advice much appreciated


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