Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

I found out from a friend who works for Habitat for Humanity that they have a re-store in our area and sell doors, windows, etc. They carry new and used items. Naturally the used items can save some $ on rehab costs. Of course they take donations too.

We aren't rehab investors but have some cash investors who are on our buyers list. I passed this info along to them thinking maybe they didn't already know about the store. It also gave me an opportunity to talk to them.

My guess is that you rehab investors may have one in your area too. Just thought this might be helpful in case you don't already know.

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It's a win-win

Hi Lea!

I checked the Habitat for Humanity website and found 3 in my area within 25-60 minutes from me. I wasn't aware of this before and am going to check out one of the stores this weekend to see what it's like. My husband and I are looking at easy rehab projects so I'm glad to have this as a possible source while at the same time helping such a good cause as Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you for sharing this information.
Nancy D.


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Hi Nancy,

Glad there is one in your area. Hope your husband finds this to be a good place to find materials for his rehab projects. Please let me know if it is. You are right it is a great way to help yourself and a good cause.

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Thanks for the tip! Good info, I'll have to check my local area.

Good luck! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


Lea, great store - my son works for one in Kansas City. They have lots of great stuff and it is worth while going in frequently as the items on hand change a lot.



Other Recycled Building Supply Sources

That is a great place to pick up materials. There are a lot of other sources to find recycled or reclaimed building supplies too. http://www.tradekey.com/ks-recycled-building-supplies/ http://www.ecobusinesslinks.com/recycled-building-materials.htm business directory for specific areas.
http://www.builder2builder.com/ online market place for buying and selling used building supplies.
http://www.planetreuse.com/ online market place for buying and selling used building supplies.
Or you could just do a search on your favorite search engine for "recycled building materials" + "enter your town here"

Check ou these resources for more information and see if they have materials in your area. Keep in mind that many of these companies will come pick up your left over building materials. I have donated excess materials in my units to Habitat as well as also sold it to these companies. You might even look into bartering or trading supplies with some of these companies. I have found that rather than paying full price for a custom item, I can find the item in one of these locations, restore and install the item in my properties for half the cost of the new one. Happy hunting.


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Hi Derling,

Thanks. I'll pass this info on to the rehab investors I know.

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