Cockroaches - Getting rid of them!!!

Cockroaches - Getting rid of them!!!

There are many ways people try to resolve cockroach infestation problems, some are more successful than others. In many cases, the whole building will have to be treated to completely remove these pests. There are many health risks for the tenants who have these pests to deal with as well as the chemicals used to treat the infestation. You will have to be careful how you handle these issues.

Boric acid seems to be the most effective way to deal with them. It comes in powder form, and sometimes even in a bottle that you can squeeze to propel the powder out. Put the acid in corners, under the fridge and stove, behind the shower, any in place roaches might be hiding.

Cockroaches walk through the acid, which sticks to them and slowly dries them out. They go back to the nest and spread the acid there, killing others. If there are pets or small children around, you need to make sure to put the acid in places they can’t get to. While it’s not necessary, you can mix the boric acid with powdered sugar before spreading it around. The cockroaches will think the concoction is food and scarf it down!

Happy hunting!


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