What you need to know about lead based paint as a result of rehab.

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Lead Based Paint

Lead-based paint is a major source of lead poisoning for children and can cause permanent damage to the brain and many other organs and causes reduced intelligence and behavioral problems. Lead can also cause abnormal fetal development in pregnant women. Consumers can be exposed to lead from paint. Also eating paint chips is one way young children can be exposed to lead poisoning. It is not the most common way that consumers, in general, are exposed to lead. Ingesting and inhaling lead dust that is created as lead-based paint chips, or peels from deteriorated surfaces can expose consumers to lead. Consumers can also generate lead dust by sanding lead-based paint or by scraping or heating lead-based paint. Consumers can have paint tested for lead. In-home test requires a trained professional who can operate the equipment safely. This test uses X-ray fluorescence to determine if the paint contains lead. Although the test can be done in your home, it should be done only by professionals trained by the equipment manufacturer or who have passed a state or local government training course, since the equipment contains radioactive materials. Consumers may choose to have a testing laboratory test a paint sample for lead. Contact your state and local health department lead poisoning prevention programs and housing authorities for information about testing labs and contractors who can safely remove lead-based paint.

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