Evaluating a Mobile Home for Repairs

Evaluating a Mobile Home for Repairs

Mobile homes are quit a bit different animals. There are a few main things to look at to determine the degree of repairs needed for the mobile home.

The roof of the mobile home is one of the most expensive repairs on a mobile home. If you see water spots in the ceiling, you will want to check them for dampness. I even ask the seller to tell me about the spot. Many times they will tell me the cause and what they did to fix it.

The most vulnerable spots are going to be where a swamp cooler is attached to the roof, where the furnace flu goes through the roof, where awnings and satelite dishes have been attached to the home.

The furnace should be checked to see if it works, hot water heater, and plumbing. The plumbing is critical if it is located in an area where the temperature drops below freezing. If the proeprty has been vacant and not winterized, it is very likely that the pipes will be broken. It is not super expensive to fix, but it is horrible to go under the trailer to fix.

You will want to check under each of the sinks to determine if there is any black mold or water damage. Around the tub surround, you will want to check for black mold and weakened wall around the tub.

Check the floor around the toilets to see if it is mushy or solid. If it is mushy, you will need to replace the subflooring. The windows and doors for older mobile homes are unique sizes, so if you need to replace these, therefore you will pay more. In many cases, you will find that your tubs, tub surround, and shower stalls are not a traditional size in olde rmobile homes too, so you will have additional charges here too.

In most cases, you will need to paint, replace carpet and flooring.

All in all, you can probably do a fair amount of repairs on a single wide mobile home for around $5,000. The best part of doing these Lonnie deals for me is that I can recoup my repair costs within a matter of months, which leaves you a long time to receive positive cashflow.

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