I just bought a multi-family house and i am planing on doing some renovations on it, however i am new to this just wanted to see if any of my dg family could help me with tips on supplies to buy so i can get the more bang for my buck ex what brand carpet,cabinets,tiles,viynls etc.


I would take a look at the

I would take a look at the competition in the area and see how they are finished. It will give you a ball park for how much or how little to repair and types of repairs to put in the property for a given rent amount.

I go to habitat for humanities REstores to pick up new or refurbished materials for a discount I have contractor friends who have left over materials and supplies that I buy from them on a regular basis for a discount price.

I also look to incorporate items that will wear well and be easy to clean. For instance, I use semi gloss paint instead of flat because it is easier to clean and will require less down time when I am looking to re-rent the property. I also more a commercial grade carpet is I can get away with it in my units....again see what the competition does and mimick or consider improving upon this.

If you see that the competition or area has long term tenants, then I put in products and materials that I will not have to keep coming and repairing or replacing. If you see shorter term tenancy, you might consider less expensive materials if you are going to need to swap out or replace these items no matter what.

I have bought new appliances that have a service agreement with them, so I do not have to worry about repairs. I have found that using used appliances cost more to keep up in the long run. I can also depreciate these over a longer time frame too.
I hope this helps some.


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Big Box Stores

If you go into some of the "Big Box Stores" Pro Desks, they can usually get you discounts on larger items and combine items in different departments for a volume discount. Just tell them you're rehabbing property and they will jump over the desk to help you.