I just bought a multi-family house and i am planing on doing some renovations on it, however i am new to this just wanted to see if any of my dg family could help me with tips on supplies to buy so i can get the more bang for my buck ex what brand carpet,cabinets,tiles,viynls etc.


monopoly man,

I remember some of the following being mentioned by other, Home Depot, Lowes, Habitat for Humanity, Craigs List. Somebody established a relationship with a builder and offered to take the stuff away for him (if there is any construction in your area.) I remember somone said their REI group members get a discount and either Home Depot or Lowes, don't know if your group does this. For paint you can get 'mis-tints' usually darker colors but drastically reduced in price and they can be mixed with a lighter color. Hope this is helpful.

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From the knowledge that i've gain you would want to keep prices low so you would need to use contractor type of material which may be shopping lowes ,home depot lumber liquidator. builders this you only need standard products.which should give you the most for your buck.

monopoly man

Just remember buy in bulk!!! If you need plywood buy a bundle If you need 2x4s buy a pallet you will use them and you will save a lot of money!!!!