Rehab Software

Rehab Software

First time poster and an investor / rehabber located in the WV market. We are constantly rehabbing 4 to 6 properties at a time. I find it difficult to track the detail work and materials required by property, the progress of the rehabs, and the detail costs of each component (Plumbing / roofing / windows / Doors / Kitchens / etc).

We utilize Quickbooks to track overall costs by property and I'm familiar with Microsoft project. However, I'm looking for a comprehensive real estate software product whereby I can easily select the components required for each property down to the item number for a kitchen sink for instance, track the progress for both the purchase and installation of the components, ownership and target dates for installation / completion, and estimated versus actual cost tracking that could possibly be imported in Quickbooks

We spend on average $25K per rehab. We plan to expand to 8 to 10 rehabs at a time in the second quarter of this year, so it is imperative for us to have a robust tracking tool.

Anyone suggestions?


Rehab Software

I've been looking into that as well and it seems that quickbooks has a construction version. Is that what you use or are you using the basic pro version? From what I read it seems like the construction version is much more detailed and has the ability to figure in profit margins and also deal with subcontractors, billing and much more.

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