Recently I met with a very prolific rehabber. The success this person is realizing is based on a very simple fact. This fact is working with systems.

Any time you can make a process predictable, and duplicatable, you have the makings for a much more profitable venture. Instead of taking each project one by one, and trying to do the analysis, structure the deal, and work the rehab on an independent basis, try doing the same thing over and over again.

If you have a system, all of the people you work with will know exactly what to do, and you as the investor don't need to be there supervising the process all the time. Your crew will know exactly how to act, and will be able to be productive even in your absence. This is a major key to how wealthy people work.

So take a look at your investing activities, and see if you can observe your processes, and turn some of them into systems. It will make your work much more productive, efficient, and rewarding.


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