Are shells a good deal?

Are shells a good deal?

Topic pretty much says it I would like to hear some stories about people who have done shell deals in the past & how the went they they make $$$ was it a good or bad experience b/c I was looking for shells online.


Shell Deal...

What's a shell deal? have not heard this term before!

My first deal was a Shell

My first deal was a Shell and I lock it up for a low price and made pretty decent profit. But everything depends on the area where that particular Shell property is located. Rehabers, Landlords and flipers loves it as long as it's a killer deal.

@pinballdan, a shell is a property that's been gutted, vacant, no roof, no rooms, empty, etc. Blessings to all. LA


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One of those houses..Ok...Thanks..Funny term but true Smiling

Are shells a good deal?

Thanks 4 the info I'm going keep looking @ them & does anybody know when it's 5pm in Arkansas I have a nice lady I have to call about a possible assignment w/a house that has to be rehabbed & then flipped.

I Like It!!!!

I like a shell house because you can redo everything without DEMOing!!I love me some shell houses!

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