Required Permits / Inspections for Rehab

Required Permits / Inspections for Rehab

Hello DG Family! I am a new investor working on my very first deal. I have a bank owned property, cash purchase, that requires some work. Someone punched a hole in every wall in the house to gain access to the wire so the entire house needs to be rewired. Some of the sub-floors need to be replaced, drywall, windows, etc. I have a couple questions before I move forward and make an offer on this house. I am brand new to REI, less than a month from reading Dean's book so any and all help will be very much appreciated.

My first question is do I need to have any kind of special permits to preform any of this work? I'm especially concerned about the electrical. Don't worry, I'm not going to attempt to do this work myself Smiling.

My second question is will I need to have any kind of inspection done after the work has been completed?

I was told that I don't need any kind of permit or inspection being the owner of the house but I wanted to run that by the expertise of the DG family.

Thanks again for your help guys!!


Hey tjrice1906

And the answer to your questions are NO you do not need a permit to do or get the work done!Second question if you are going to sell the house you should have it inspected DO not let some "JAG" do the work but a licensed contractor!!BUT I would wait until you sell it and let the NEW homeowners have it inspected for they will need one to get a bank loan!Hope I have helped you in some small way!

Each city is different

When you have the work done, make sure to get a licensed contractor and ask him what permits he'll need to pull. Electrical is always recommended to have done with a permit, not only for the city, but to make sure it is all done correctly and will not pose a fire threat. Your contractor, if he's a good one, will know what permits to pull. Every city is different with their codes. I know in the city I live in, I had to pull permits for new windows, new AC, block walls, new H2O heater; just about everything you can think of! You can of course opt to not get the permits, but if they find out, its a heavier fine than the charge of the permit upfront, and sometimes they will require work to be undone.

You can also go to the planning department of the city (or county if applicable) to find out what needs permitting yourself.


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