Nice home backed up to a business or apartments.

Nice home backed up to a business or apartments.

Does anyone have a solution to helping the privacy, security, and view of a nice home backed up to a business or apartments?



Depends on how tall the building is

Trees or lattice might do the trick. You might want bring in a landscaper and get an idea what they can do for you.




Sell it at a price that compensates for these things, if you have not purchased yet it may be a good idea to walk away from a property that has these big downsides. No matter what you do to cover up, your potential buyer will still know its there. Unless it is DIRT cheap and properties are selling like crazy or maybe a buy/hold rent situation I would avoid these types of properties.

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Price dictates

When we lived in NJ our house was a sub-division put up in farmland country. The houses ranged from 350K to 900K. Our house was a 6500 sq.ft. contemporary,on 3 ac. with pool,spa, & horse barn. Great area & neighbors. Now
for the downside - railroad tracks right thru the back of the property, with a freight train running 1 or 2 times per day.
Bottom line, we sold the house in a week because the price was 650K, people didn't care because it was a great deal !

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