Alt-A and Option ARM resets??????

Alt-A and Option ARM resets??????

The question is... What are the best strategies for the next 2 years?

I guess there is a second question.... Since this period of time seems to be a buy and rent period for investors, how do we know that we wont be left holding a bag of empty rentals due to rents being to high for all these poor foreclosed individuals? (It makes me nervous when I hear the potential havoc that the economy may cause in 10' and into 11')

The reason for the question is: As the rate of foreclosures shows no signs of slowing down for the next year or two, combined with a slowing economy (lowering real estate purchases by the ave. home buyer), rising unemployment rates, in addition to thin credit availability, what does everyone see as "THE" best strategy. Yes the dramatic drop in home values is awesome for getting in on the bottom, very spectacular indeed! But are people going to have enough income, or even a job at all to pay rent to all us DG students until the economy returns to a "normal" state.

I have not purchased any property yet, just finished the book a couple days ago, and I'm ready to go all in with DG and his teaching. I am a two time college gradute who is deciding to leave a third degree (masters) for the life as an investor in real estate. Anyone have any guidance to share?????????????


Everyone needs a place to live

Like I have said... if the doomsday scenario plays out where you have a large of the population homeless and unemployed, the last thing you are going to worry about is what you owe a bank on their computer screen.

So, if America falls into the dark ages, those mortgages you stop paying on don't really matter anyways.

This isn't going to happen though, and people will always need a place to live. When rent gets too high, it either lowers or pay increases. Supply/demand and inflation keeping up with inflation.

The best strategy is simply buy (which means purchase contract or purchase w/ assign contract) very cheap. If you buy cheap:
- You can flip it at a profit (sell or assign)
- Rent it, and undercut the similar rentals by a lot

Check out Matt's 25:1 formula (search for it). Get a feel for the market with assignments. Then move to rentals if you want to do rentals after a deal or two.

There is more to read in the foreclosure numbers than the change from the prior month or year. Foreclosures are moving fast in some places. Large investors are stepping in big time.