NewsFlash: On Worldwide Exchange

NewsFlash: On Worldwide Exchange

i'm wake and watching worldwide exchange...

They was saying that there going to be up tick on foreclosures this month.

If you have any commet...i like to heard.


Life starts out by dreaming, when your born... Then taken action on those dream... The biggest dreamer on the plant are self-made millionaires and billionaires. Pick a millionaire or billionaire studie there moves take advice an put it to action.


I think it will depend on were your located. I'm in Conn and there are more than I have ever seen. Keep your eyes open there are some great deals. Sometimes you will have to track them when they first come out. I'm working with a client now. This forclosure started at $389,000. No one had interest. 1 month later that same property is available at $339,000. Big difference. Deals don't happen over night they take time. Good luck


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