Here's Good Advise for newie's

Here's Good Advise for newie's

First read, read, read... then take some notes, put those notes that you wrote down and take action.

This is the hole key to this program, ACTION if you don't take action, it is not our failt...

So read Dean's books, and if have any question be free to ask them here, that why Dean build this awsome website to help out...

So good luck on your future in Real Estate


Life starts out by dreaming, when your born... Then taken action on those dream... The biggest dreamer on the plant are self-made millionaires and billionaires. Pick a millionaire or billionaire studie there moves take advice an put it to action.


This is the key. Many new clients feel like they need to have all of the information before they can take any action. If you get into the action, then you will automatically get the experience you need. It may not always be comfortable, but you will be learning as you go. Take the leap of faith and do something, and the rest will fall into place.