Rental Contract Agreements

Rental Contract Agreements

Hello DG Family!

I have good news!

I am going to get my first shot as a property manager! The home is in an excellent neighborhood (one I used to live in) and I should not have any trouble finding renters for it. I have a good idea of what it can rent for, and I have a team of handymen in place that will be able to fix things that I cannot. (Roofer, Plumber, HVAC guy, Yard Guy, General Handyman) The Roofer, Plumber, HVAC guy, and Landscape crew have all done work for my family before with excellent results.

I am in the process of drafting my Rental Agreement. I know Dean has a Rental Contract Agreement posted under "Forms and Docs" but I wanted to see what other Landlord's on this site use for their rental agreements.

***So I am asking any DG Landlord's out there, if they are willing, to post examples of the Rental Agreements they use so I and other site users can get a better idea of what to put in our Rental Agreements.***

I don't know if the site allows posting in "word.doc" format, but I know .pdf's will work.

Let's see how this goes!



Lease Purchase Agreements in Florida

Hello everyone

We are in the process of buying a property in Florida. We intend to go with the lease purchase strategy to sell it.

We would like to word our agreement so that it reverts back to a month to month rental agreement if the buyer misses monthly payments so that we don't have to go through foreclosure proceedings.

Has anyone else seen a contract like this? We are not sure how to word it.

Dave and Cindy

Hey guys I believe this cool

Hey guys I believe this cool cat posted a nice one on here before... I think it was Yuri?? (If I'm wrong correct me Smiling) Anyways you can also use that. The cool thing is you can pick and choose bits and pieces from other contracts you get and create your own contract. Anyways I'll try and find the link, I know I downloaded it myself but can't remember which folder I put it in.

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