Starting Out

Starting Out

Greetings to Everyone,

Unsure where to start out when building a team for investment.

1) Inc. or LLC which is better and why?
2) How to start your Inc. or LLC
3) Key components or people need for your team
4) What kinds of properties are best for holding long term
5) How to find honest and trustworthy tenants




you have really good questions, I am not sure exactly where but every answer you need is here on this forum and in Dean's books. So I wish you great success with your journey.

I will tell you this much, we started with a LLC, it is important to protect your personal assets for you business. You can find out how to start on the net, it only cost $100 in OKC not sure about other states.


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im still new to REI but I do know that and LLC will protect your assets but you still have to pay high self employment taxes. Setting up a corp. will allow you to write off certain things as a business expense (cell phone bill, travel expense, ect.) and also get rid of the 15% self emp. tax (its not as high). Those are just a few main differences that would relate to REI. hope it helps..


Hey Convoy

To get allot of your answers just click the link below that should help you out better to get started;

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