Hello everyone! I am currently looking to invest in "green" rehab properties in Detroit, Michigan. Before you scoff at Detroit, let me explain.

Okay, I found a company of Middle men, so to speak who purchase properties in the best neighborhoods there at a LOWWW wholesale prices. They have honed in their business to where they have a certified company of contractors who rehab these properties using eco friendly and energy efficient appliances, you the investor get the rebates and tax credits within 60 days of rehab being complete.
Also,all of the work is done for you!!
They always have an abundance of properties, low prices, high rental amounts and renters, pre set property managers, etcc...

I am only able to either: partner-up, bird dog, or need funding due to not having enough capital under my belt/moneys in my accounts.

Here is an example of the purchase of one of these properties:

3 bed/2 bath Detroit, MI

purchase price=$30,000
Cost of repairs=$10,000
rebates=30-40% of repair costs in 60 days after complete
total investment=$40,000
Amount of work done yourself=paying $40,000 to own a fully taken care of property with renters in place!

If anyone here is interested in more details or if you would like to fund me in purchasing one/more of these, please respond.

To your success and happiness,Adrian C.


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