Lease or Rental

Lease or Rental

What is the actual difference between a lease and a rental.



I am new to this but I believe the difference is that when you lease a property it is to purchase it. If you owned a property and I wanted to buy it but didn't have the money right away I could make you a deal to lease to own. Which means I would agree to rent your place for say 1,000 a month and that half of that 1,000 dollors would go to the down payment for the house, and at the end of the set time frame I would buy the property from you or if I couldn't get financing the place would return to you. Lease to own is pretty much the same thing as rent to own. If you are just renting a property then you aren't buying it and none of the money you pay is going to pay off the house it is just going to the owner. I don't know if this helped but I hope it did.

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Lease/ Rental

A lease is the document you sign when you agree to rent something, in this case a house. Rent is the fee you pay the landlord per the lease agreement. Hope this helps.


The answers above are correct with the technical definitions of the terms. I am thinking, though, that you may be asking what is the difference between and lease OPTION and rental. For these, you use two seperate documents. One to lease the property as a rental, and then a lease option form, which outlines the details of the deal if the renter decided to exercise the option to buy at the end of the lease.
If you own a property as a rental - you are responsible for upkeep and maintenance. Under a lease option, the renters are responsible for that up to a certain agreed upon dollar amount.
Hope if that was your question this info helps a bit.


You are accurate. There is a lease, lease to own or rent to own. Many terms mean the same.


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Sandwich lease

Can somebody explain who a sandwich lease is best targeted for? If I understand, the seller has to be willing to do it and you have to find someone to lease it from you for more than you're leasing it from the seller. Sounds complicated but people say it's easy.

rentals and leases

Monopoly man; I have a couple of "rent houses". One is a nicer mobile home on some lots I own. So I only rent it monthly having them sign a rental agreement. They are not "committed" to the property in any way. Only if they want their deposit back they have to give us at least one month notice,and subject to cleaning and inspection and repairs,ect. The other is a full size nicer house that we used to live in before we upgraded into a lot bigger and nicer home. So for that one they are also still only a renter. But we had them sign a years lease agreement. The major difference is they are committing them self in contract to live there for a full year. If they want to move out before then they can. But they will lose their deposit,plus are contracted for the full year. So if we cannot find another renter before the next month is due they still have to pay each month till we have the place rented. That is the major difference in rentals. The "other" type of Lease is the previously mentioned "Lease Option" I am getting ready to do a "lease option to buy" for me to own another rental property soon. on this deal it is similar to owner finance,rent to own type deal. I will sign a lease option contract saying I will make him a monthly payment for a number of years and then it will be mine. At anytime before then I have the "option" to purchase it for the agreed upon full price that is still owed at that time. I in turn will have another renter or possible buyer, sign another "lease option to buy" with me. They will be living in the house. I will have it set up where they pay more than my lease so after I make my payment I have money left over as profit each month. The positive cash flow you always hear about. Doing it like that I'm pretty sure is what Jarrad in last message was talking about the "sandwhich lease". I hope that was clear,and I helped some. Best regards; Layman T. Scott President of Scott Housing & Rentals,LLC

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