Make Quick Money Assigning TLC's to Investors

Make Quick Money Assigning TLC's to Investors

Did you know that most of the TLC or tax lien certificates sold can be assigned? They can be assigned to another investor who wants to wait for the rate of return at the end of the redemption period or possibly get the house. It is a great way for an antry level tax lien certificate investor to get started. You can gather a buyers list, determine their investment criteria, find tlc's that meet those criteria, and then assign these over to then assign these over to your buyers.

Now, there are some counties that have some restrictions on how soon you can do it. It could be 6 months to a year. In some cases, the county might require some paperwork to be done before this can be finalized. In some cases, there will be additional fees to assign the tlc.

You should look into what the county requires before you consider doing this in that county. You could buy the tlc for one amount and sell it to the investor for more than you paid. In most cases, you will give them less of a rate of return then you secured. Obviously, you should make sure you have taken all of your costs into account when you accept an investors offer to ensure you are making money on this deal.


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