Hello Everyone...

We all are watching for good deals. I have been chastised before on this site for information I get from zillow.com. I am looking for good deals in my area. I look at a number of sites that the local realtors have such as: new in the last 30 days, bank repos, and they even have a category of how many times the seller has dropped their price. I go to realtytrac.com to see how many properties have gone back to the bank in that area and what they went back to the bank for. When I find an interesting property I go to zillow.com to compare its price. When you put in the address it gives you a value for that property comparing it to others that have sold in that area. You can get a feel for what they are getting per square foot. The interesting part for me is at the bottom of the page it will show the last time that property sold and for how much. I have one that I am looking at that sold three years ago for $178,000. It has been listed for over six months as a bank repo and is now down to $75,000. I found that for free!

Tom Scott


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