How do you get ahead when your in foreclosure yourself?

How do you get ahead when your in foreclosure yourself?

I am a newbie and received my book just a couple days ago.I do have some fear but I believe my determination to get ahead is much stronger. My situation is a lil different,I am currently in foreclosure right now due to seperation in my marriage and my husband had stopped paying the mortgage a year ago. Our dream was always to get in real estate investing since he was a great handyman but never did I think I would end up losing my own home. I am currently still in the house with a sale date set for Feb 17th.Its a great loss for me and my kids but I am more determined than ever to get ahead. Does anyone have advice on how I can get on track even if I myself is in foreclosure? I am a true believer in all things are possible with God I just need some direction.


If this helps...

I saw your post and the fact that no one has replied does not suprise me. You are in a tough spot and even tougher since all the facts are not known. I would guess that your credit will be effected, but by how much would determine on how your divorce papers are drawn. When did you get out of the house? Who if anyone (one party or the other was given possession of the house via divorce papers)and more questions like that you will need to find out and see if your credit score is effected and try to "fix" with the credit companies some of your score. As for doing real estate I would suggest reading Dean's new book (he gives some great real life ways to start learning techniques) and visiting this site often. I have to admit I have been dragging my feet over the last year or so (I have till this Feb that some of my credit mistakes get off my record) for many reasons. I recently found someone who was going to sell me a tri-plex with owner finanacing, but found out last week they are backing out.. I'm back to square one.

Start with reading the book. Think of what technique fits you the best and start learning/meeting people. Things won't be fixed in a few weeks, in reality it may take years. It's the years from now when your kids are older that it will make the difference (remember that). You will need to take action at some point but start by educating yourself on what others are doing. Join some type of club, networking, social event on a regular base so you can learn and get motivated more.

Ms. C

You're absolutely correct through God ALL things are possible.
Please email me @ immediately. I have the resources to help you postpone possibly even cancel your foreclosure for 30 days or longer. I have been in your situation and I am here to tell you I still have my home using these resources.
Now I would like to help you as well and any others facing foreclosure. It's not over yet! Have faith!!!

God bless you,


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Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Ms C

I just read your blog. I to was in this position and what Ive done thus far is offered the house as a lease to own option asking as a down payment the amount that I am in the rear for. Im also currently renting the home,and have a meeting with the current tennant to give them first option. I dont know if you can do the same to save your home ,but it might be worth looking into.

Im new and don't know alot.But what I do know is that thru he who is worthy to be praised all things just are possible.



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Thank you Lawrence,for your

Thank you Lawrence,for your input. I too believe that all things are possible thru God. I never thought about trying that, if I knew it could be possible I would have done that months ago.I was hoping that my estranged spouse was going to take care of it but only procrastinated and now here I am 2 weeks before trustee sale (uggghhh!) But thanks so much for the advice! I'm going to call my lender and ask if this is still possible if I come up with the finances. It's worth a shot.

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your reply. I just got back from church and was so pleased to find that I actually had some responses from my post. I don't feel so alone now.I will definately e-mail you! I am really trusting in God that there is something that can be done to save my home and keep my kids stable. Thanks again.

Ms.C Smiling

Thanks for the info. I

Thanks for the info. I haven't yet started to file for divorce so there are no legal papers filed yet or when or if there will be. That's the sad thing, I'm going thru all these storms trying to keep my head up believing in God and tring to be strong for my kids and trying to pursue the best direction in which I need to go without any support from my spouse (whom is doing nothing)and yet I continue to treat him as a human being and believe in God for him as well. I know my credit is bad because off and on for the last 5 yrs he has not been consistant in making the mortgage paymentand I have had to pay it a few times to bring it current. I am a realist and know that it will take time to repair my credit and if I can just save my home to keep my kids stable I can be at peace and move towards my goal in gettin ahead with investing in RE. If I'm not abled to save iti know I tried everything and I will continue to move forward because I will do what I have to do to make it! I am strong I am a child of GOD Smiling

If He who is with me than who can be against me!!!


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