Where to begin?

Where to begin?

Hello DG family. I think you may know that I am not just started investing yet but am goin too soon. I recently found a home on realtor.com that I'm interested in but don't know where to start my research. Comps, taxes, foreclosure, etc. I've also noticed that there are quite a few homes in this area that are also VERY cheap. Why? I've never even thought to look at 1 bed homes which to my surprise is what this home is. Could this be a reason? Where can I go to find out some of this info. I tried some of the sites listed in BARM but I feel like I'm just getting a runaround or do I need to give in and pay the fee to join one? I've also noticed a distressed property in the neighborhood and can't seem to gather any info from the courthouse. Should I call some one down there?Some one please help! Yes this is new to me and I am a bit afraid and nervous. Am I starting out O.K. looking at these? I don't feel like it. I feel like I'm skipping something somewhere or should I just quit looking at homes and just start out with the marketing methods in BARM to locate a motivetd seller?



I think we all have fear when we start this. At least you are taking action. I would like to throw in one thing if you haven't already done it. Check out the success academy , They are really great. They have help me close over 20 deals. The materials you receive though them is priceless and they help hold you accountable. I still use them today but not as much as I use to. I wish you the best of luck.




new member to the DG famiy

My first post and I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. Dean's books offer so much info it's hard to digest. I have an idea the direction I want to take. Assignments and lease to own. I really like the no money down at this point. One question, there are many, is about realtors. How do you determine how much to pay them and how do you pay them? Stupid question, I've always been told the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I'm starting to talk to some and I just wasn't sure how to approach the issue. I know they make a certain percentage on the homes they sell, but I think this is different. Thanks for the help and have a great day! Pat

Just starting out

My husband and I received our books just a few weeks ago and we have devoured them. We are anxious to start, but I guess fear has been a hurdle that we can't get past right now. We took another "guru's" course a few years back, shelling out lots of money. We did learn a lot, but when we actually did our first deal, it sort of backfired in our face. It was a little complicated because it involved swapping three houses around, but anyway we ended up right back where we started and in debt, to the point where our credit is ruined. After reading Dean's books we have found that we did a lot of things right, but still a lot of things wrong. We think that the lease/option is the way to go for us, because I guess we relate to Greg Murphy's situation when he started. Any help or encouragement from fellow bloggers would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. Susie

Hi Terry and welcome.You can

Hi Terry and welcome.You can search for the tax accessor in your town,and go to property and land search.you can find out who owns it,how much they paid and it taxes are current.Also there is Totalview in student resources on the left of this page.And yes look up taxed,comps etc you want to find as much info as possible to make an educated decision.


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Realtors and Lease to owns

First I am no expert so get other responses from the DG Family.

Realtors fees are negotiable but usually are 3 to 5% of selling price. From my dealings with Realtors they do not like lease to owns because they put in alot of upfront expense into marketing the house but do not get paid until the own option is satisfied. That could be year to two years down the line depending upon how the Own part of the option is put together.

Hope this helps
Ask Realtors as part of your interview process.

If you want to do lease

If you want to do lease options you have to be pretty experienced to work with a real estate agent because properties is their business and they can spot a rookie. You will be better off targeting private sellers, there you will gain your experience.


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Where to begin

I suggest the first thing to do is build a buyer's list. If you are unwilling or unable to purchase a property yourself, the only way to make money on it is to control it while finding a buyer who does have the funds to purchase. The buyer's list speeds up the process. The buyer's list, specifically the type of property they desire is vitally important in letting you know what type of property to pursue. As you mentioned, one bedroom properties are usually very inexpensive because the demand for one bedroom houses is very low. Find out what type of property and price range your investor(s) want and go find them.


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