Georgia Property Information

Georgia Property Information

Does anyone know where to look up property information that's free to the public in Georgia. I'm thinking about relocating there, and was looking for property tax information for different counties.

Where I live in ohio it's easy to look up property information and tax information. Our county website even breaksdown the percent.


GA Property Info

Try this website."county" (with no spaces put in the county you want to research).

Hope this helps you.

By the way, where are you looking to relocate? I'1m right between Atlanta and Savannah off I-16.



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Hello, I live in Gwinnett County Georgia and I am also new to the real estate investing world. I obtained my real estate license recently to have access to the MLS. Let me know if I can help you.


I want to move to the Atlanta area, but around the suburbs. I don't want to be out in the country part of Georgia.

I relocating from Cleveland Ohio.

I want a nice area and a good school system.


To obtained a real estate license; is it expensive. I will save your response because I may have to speak with you concerning starting real estate investing. I read the book. I guess I'm looking for a mentor or something because I don't want to get caught up in any bad deals. I really want to try to work the principles lised in Dean's book, but I guess it's just the fear making things worst for myself; if I don't do things right.

Georgia Property Information

check out this site, just copy and paste.

good luck.

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